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Archives: December 2011

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Local Produce Season News

 No longer local, but still AWESOME!

Just because local produce 
season is pretty much over 
(you may still see some root veggies, tubers, onions, winter squash and broccoli around) doesn’t mean the excitement in the produce aisle is! In fact, California and Florida produce is in full swing.  There’s a lot of great citrus fruit varieties just hitting market, so be on the lookout for all sorts of citrus.  Sunburst and  Robinson Tangerines are already around from growers on both coasts.  Meyer Lemons, and Satsuma Mandarins are just coming into season too.  There’s some wonderful Hamlin Oranges, Orlando Tangelos and Red Grapefruits from Florida, which may not be as cosmetically beautiful as their California counterparts, but eat just as well…if not better!

Pears and Apples are also in high season coming from Washington, California and Oregon.  Right now we have a revolving cast of 12 varieties of Apples, from old faves like Gala to a bit more obscure, like Arkansas Black.  Many pear varieties are becoming available, Seckel, Red and Green D’Anjou, and Concorde just to name a few.


   When it comes to greens, Florida is teeming with the varieties that like cooler temps. Collards, Kale and Broccoli from Bryson and Lady Moon farms are prevalent, and you can count on California farms like Cal-Organic, Earthbound and  
Givens to round out the selection.

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