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Local Vendor Profile: Brooklyn Brine

In 2009, mere hours after getting laid off, Shamus Jones founded Brooklyn Brine, fulfilling his desire to be self-employed before the age of 30. He had been working in vegan and vegetarian kitchens for years, experimenting with different brines and pickling every heirloom vegetable he could get his hands on. So while the company was founded out of necessity, it was also a natural progression for Shamus to develop his love of pickles into a profitable business which allowed others to enjoy his creations.

Over the past three years, Brooklyn Brine has gained recognition and grown exponentially, and is now sold all across the U.S. and Canada. Shamus has hired a couple of employees and interns (who all share a love for listening to metal), and has moved from utilizing a restaurant kitchen during its off hours in the middle of the night into their own space with more advanced equipment. Every jar of Brooklyn Brine pickles are still made in the same small batch method by hand, while taking advantage of local and seasonal vegetables.
With the availability of different vegetables throughout the year comes different varieties of pickles. There are four standard pickled cucumbers, with the perfectly crisp NYC Deli Pickles being the most popular. Other standards are the pickled asparagus, beets, carrots, and sauerkraut. Check out the selection at Perelandra, and pick up your own jar for $6.99, while supporting a local artisan vendor!

(All photos and videos were taken from the Brooklyn Brine website http://www.brooklynbrineco.com)

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