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Recipe: Vegan Raw Cocoa Macaroons

Sometimes you crave dessert or something sweet, but don’t want to totally blow it and eat food that isn’t nutritious. Snacking on dates or figs will sometimes hit the spot, but other times those cravings are only fulfilled by chocolate. That’s where these little Vegan Raw Cocoa Macaroons come in. Not only are they incredibly simple to make, but they are irresistibly delicious.
Note: for this recipe you will need a food processor and a lot of time. The preparation takes 10 minutes, but the cookies are essentially dehydrated, and therefore cook for many hours. 
2 cups shredded coconut
1 cup almond flour
½ cup coconut oil
½ cup raw cocoa powder
½ cup real maple syrup
1 ½ teaspoons vanilla
¼ cup water
1. Preheat oven to 150ºF.  (If you want to make these completely raw, use a dehydrator instead of the oven, as the oven is slightly warmer than a dehydrator.)
2. In a food processor, add all of the ingredients and pulse until well mixed and a ball is formed.
3. Place 1” round balls of mixture onto a parchment lined baking sheet. Makes about 25.
4. Let cook at 150ºF for four hours, until cookies have mostly dried. (If using a dehydrator, leave in for about 6 hours.)
Enjoy these special little treats! You won’t be able to resist them!

Recipe: Raw Cashew Spread Collard Wraps

At this time of the year, when we spend more time inside eating, drinking, and being cozy, sometimes it’s necessary to detox for a day or two, or even for just a meal amidst so many heavy feasts. This recipe is just what you’ll need when you’re looking for something simple, healthy, and light. 
1 cup raw cashews
¼ cup nutritional yeast
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp sea salt
1 lemon
1 bunch collard greens
1 avocado
1 carrot, julienned
¼ cup marinated sundried tomatoes  
1. Soak the cashews in water and let sit for an hour until softened.
2. Drain cashews and put in blender with nutritional yeast, paprika, salt, juice of the lemon, and 1/3 cup water. Blend for one 1-2 minutes on high until the mixture is smooth.
 3. Prepare the collards by removing the hardest part of the stem on each leaf.
  4. Julienne the carrots.
5. Cover the leaf with cashew spread, sundried tomatoes, and sliced avocado.
6. Tuck in the sides of the leaves and roll the collard leaf into a wrap. 
The spread can be used as a dip in place of hummus or baba ganoush, for veggies, bread, or crackers. This recipe makes about 10 collards wraps worth of cashew spread. 


An abundance of new, locally produced products… and some cool new housewares, too!

At Perelandra, we are committed to supporting smaller scale, local manufacturers and food producers because we believe that ‘buying local’ is better for everyone! Locally produced food travels a shorter distance to get to you which is not only better for the environment because it uses less fuel, but it is better for your health, too! An apple that comes to you from upstate new york will most likely get to you with more nutrients intact that an apple that has been flown across the world from New Zealand. When you buy locally produced foods, you are also strengthening your community by keeping your dollar in your neighborhood- see what we mean? Better for everyone! During the summer and fall months we have an abundance of locally grown, fresh organic produce as well, and you’ll see it notated with green “local” signs in our produce department. Check out some locally produced products below that are new to our store, and at the end of the post you’ll find a list of the locally produced brands we are proud to sell at Perelandra!

Glendale Farms Certified Organic Grape Juice This not-from-concentrate grape juice is made with a blend of organic grapes- Concord, Catawba, Delaware, Niagara and Cayuga- grown locally in the fingerlakes region of new york state. No water, sugar or sulfites have been added- it is just pure grape-y deliciousness!

Farmer Ground Pancake Mixes– These mixes make amazing, super fluffy pancakes- even the buckwheat blend is light and fluffy! Made from certified organic whole grains grown on farms in upstate new york, these make it easy to have a pancake breakfast AND support your local farmer!

Bao Raw Slaw– If you like Kim Chee and/or Sauerkraut, you will love Bao’s new Raw Slaws- these are SO good! They are made from organic lacto-fermented vegetables, right here in New York City! Try the Tangy, Spicy or Green varieties- The Tangy is a 100% organic combination of cabbage, daikon radish, carrots, apples, pears, garlic and ginger with organic spices; Spicy adds organic chili pepper to Bao’s 100% organic vegetable mix, and the Greens is made from 100% organic kale, collard greens and dandelion greens. Also try Bao’s awesome Kombucha and Raw Hot Sauce!

Evan’s Farmhouse Buttermilk: Evans Farmhouse is a family owned and operated, USDA certified organic creamery located in Norwich, New York. The milk is bottled and the yogurt is made in their on-farm creamery using milk from 75 organically raised, pasture-fed Jersey cows.
Evan’s farmhouse products are a perfect example of the different that you can taste when you buy locally sourced products that are produced in small quantities- you can really taste the difference.

Lively Run Goat Cheese: Made on a small, family owned farm in the fingerlakes, all of the goats at Lively Run goat farm have names and are treated like part of the family! You can even visit their farm and pet the goats, or as they say “Let your kids pet our kids!” This goat cheese is excellent- Need some inspiration? Try this recipe!

Some excellent additions to our housewares department….

Do your part in giving plastic bags the boot! Try a Wrap n Mat! Get rid of disposable plastic sandwich bags forever with these are reusable snack and sandwich pouches that open up into a place mat. You will wonder how you’ve lived without them…

Make sushi like a PRO! Pick up a Bamboo Sushi Mat with Paddle– for only $4.99!

Bamboo cutlery!

So you want to buy local…? Here are some great locally made products we sell at Perelandra! You can find them all on our shelves and on our online shopping site!

herbin’ spoonful artisan caramel sauce (made in Brooklyn!)
farmer ground pancake mixes
BAO bad ass organics kombucha, raw slaws, hot sauce (made in Manhattan!)
glendale grape juice
emmy’s organic raw vegan macaroons
x’s to o’s vegan baked goods
mu mu muesli
upstate harvest granola
purely elizabeth gluten free baking mixes and granola (made in Manhattan!)
skytop non-homogenized milk
remembrance farms eggs
lively run goat cheese
evan’s farmhouse buttermilk
maple hill creamery yogurt and yogurt drinks
hawthorne valley biodynamic fermented vegetables and yogurt
everybody eats gluten free baked foods
bread alone organic bread
divine brine beet caviar
better brittle african style peanut brittle
flour city pasta artisan pasta
brooklyn brine pickled vegetables (made in Brooklyn!)
ny honey locally produce honey
sunbeam candles (produced with solar power!)
tierra farms nuts, snacks, granola and nut butter
nynaturals kale chips (made in Brooklyn!)
brooklyn salsa organic salsa (made in Brooklyn!)
amikole shea butter products (made in Manhattan!)
bindi skin care products (made in Queens!)
regal vegan faux gras (made in Brooklyn!)
v-spot vegan prepared foods (made in Brooklyn!)
northern rye finnish ryes (made in Brooklyn!)
healthy sushi (made in Brooklyn!)
yossi’s vegan cake (made in Brooklyn!)

…And check in or dairy department next week for Yisroyal ready to bake vegan cookie dough, made by hand in Brooklyn!

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