Steven Hoose

Steven Hoose

Steven Hoose

Perelandra, the origins

It was 1975. I was 26 years old and unemployed. Spent most of my life in school. A child of the sixties. My passion in college was protest and politics. For a short time I pursued a graduate degree in sociology and thought I would spend my life in academia. I then lost interest in school.

l was looking for work that would contribute to society and be right livelihood. While attending school I worked many summers for my father who owned a small retail variety store. I learned the business basics from him, but more importantly I learned how my father built a business with honesty and integrity. Everyone who did business with and worked for Harry Hoose trusted, respected and liked him. 
To my surprise, I realized that the fundamentals that I needed to move forward in my work life, I learned from my father. 

I came of age in the counterculture movement of the sixties. Selling products that were good for people, the community and the environment was the type of work that, to me, was the essence of that movement. On April 17th, 1976 Perelandra Natural Foods Center opened on the parlor floor of 154 Montague street in Brooklyn Heights.

On January 1st, 2010, Perelandra entered an important new phase. Up until that time my wife Madeline and I were the sole owners. On that date Roland Auer and Allison Nichols, who spent many years on Perelandra's management team, became our partners and took over the management of all of the operations of the business. We chose them as partners because they had the same vision, honesty and integrity that formed the foundation on which the business was built. And, of course, because everyone who does business with and works with them trusts, respects and likes them.      

-Steven Hoose, Founder

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