Caboo bath Tissue, 4 ct

Bathroom tissue 4pack 300 sheet
300 sheets
4pack 300 sheet

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  • 1 planet earth
  • Bamboo bath tissue - septic safe
  • Great tp without the tree caboo is as strong and soft as regular bath tissue. And way better for the earth.
  • Made from panda friendly bamboo.
  • Made from sustainable bamboo
  • Number 1 fan way 2 go the average family uses 2 trees worth of toilet paper a year. Yikes!
  • Planet re-leaf 0 trees cut, 1 tree planted for more info, visit
  • Tree free tp it's up to us to save our butts
  • Wee can make a difference! tree free tp helps preserve forests and protect animal habitat. Wise choice! the forest thanks you.
  • Zero trees cut, one tree planted

Product Attributes

Additional Information: Toxin free

Does Not Contain: Bpa (bisphenol-a)

Non-GMO: yes

Non-Certified: Biodegradable, No animal testing

Sustainability: yes

Product Certifications

Non-GMO Certifier: Non-GMO Project

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