Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile 18-in-1 Hemp Baby Unscented Soap, 32 fl oz

Dr. Bronner's pure-castile baby unscented soap harnesses the power of organic ingredients to create a fantastic soap that's as friendly to you as it is to our planet. Our USDA-certified organic soap is for just about any purpose, from hair to laundry and is crafted using certified fair-trade ingredients. We also ensure that no animal testing is involved in our processes because we don't believe in simply creating a better soap, but in creating a better planet as well. Includes one 32 fl. oz. bottle of dr. Bronner's pure-castile baby unscented soap. Please review warning panel before use. For decades we've been using nature's purest ingredients to bring you soap as nature intended it to be.

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  • Certified vegan
  • No animal testing is used in the making of our soap
  • Non-GMO verified
  • One 32 fl. oz. bottle of dr. Bronner's pure-castile baby unscented soap
  • Please review warning label before use


Water, organic coconut oil*, potassium hydroxide†, organic palm kernel oil*, organic olive oil*, organic hemp oil, organ-ic jojoba oil, citric acid, tocopherol

Product Attributes

Additional Information: No detergents, No foam agents

Cruelty Free: yes

Fair Trade: yes

Non-GMO: yes

Organic: yes

Non-Certified: Biodegradable, No animal testing, Unscented

Vegan: yes

Fair Trade Statement: yes

Product Certifications

Cruelty Free Certifier: Crueltyfree

Fair Trade Certifier: Fairforlife

Non-GMO Certifier: Non-GMO Project

Organic Certifying Body: Otco oregon tilth certified organic

Vegan Certifier:

Organic Standards Agency: USDA united states department of agriculture


2-3x more concentrated than many leading liquid soaps, cleaners and bodywashes. Dilute with water. Clouds when cold. Put in warm room/water: clears at ~70°f.

Usage Instructions: Dilute! dilute! ok! 1. One small squirt applied to wet washcloth to wash hands-face-body. 2. Work ½ tbsp. Into wet hair, rinse with dr. Bronner's citrus organic hair rinse. 3. Dilute 1:10 with water for hand-washed dishes, best in soft water. 4. For laundry, ⅓ cup soap in large load, add ½ cup vinegar in rinse cycle. 5. Mop floor with ½ cup soap diluted in 3 gal-lons of hot water. 6. Wash dog by wetting fur, massage soap in for good lather, rinse well. 7. A dash in bowl of water to remove residue from fruit & veggies. Rinse clean. 8. All-purpose cleaner: add ¼ cup of soap to quart of water in spray bottle. 9. One tbsp. In quart of water to spray plants for bugs. Dash of cayenne optional. 10. Shave face-underarms-legs: lather up 5-10 drops in wet hands, apply., For facial packs, scalp & soothing body rub, add dash on bath towel in sink of hot water. Wring out. Lay over face & scalp. Massage with finger-tips. Repeat 3 or 4 times 'til arms, legs & all are rubbed, always towards the heart. Rinse towel in plain hot water and massage again. Breathe deeply!

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