Xlear Xylitol Sinus Nasal Spray, 1.5 fl. oz.

Nasal spray
Natural saline

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  • 1 america's best selling natural nasal care
  • Also recommended for seasonal sinus issues.
  • Breathe easy cleans, soothes and protects
  • Customer service: 1.877.599.5327
  • Developed by family physician dr. Lon jones
  • Doctors & healthcare professionals worldwide recommend xlear nasal spray to their patients.
  • Fast relief
  • For natural daily sinus care
  • Made with xylitol
  • Other information: doctor recommended. Safe to use daily. Safe for children. Natural and drug free.
  • Safe & effective for daily use
  • Uses: gently cleans sinus and nasal passages. Washes away pollutants, irritants and other airborne contaminants. Helps soothe & moisturize nasal passages due to low humidity, pollutants, overuse of nasal decongestants & other nasal irritants. Thins & loosens mucous secretions.
  • What is xylitol? xylitol is a sweet, crystalline carbohydrate that occurs naturally in virtually all fruits and vegetables. Our bodies even produce small amounts of it each day. Xylitol's powerful oral and upper respiratory health benefits come from its unique five-carbon structure. Modern science has noted the value of saline sprays in promoting sinus health, but simple saline sprays alone can be drying to the nasal passages. The addition of natural xylitol helps to ensure that beyond just cleansing, xlear nasal spray also moisturizes and protects the delicate tissues. Xlear nasal spray is gentle enough for infants, but effective in adults as well. Learn more about xylitol's natural moisturizing, cleansing and soothing properties online.
  • Whether you need maximum, moderate or daily care, the xlear sinus care system has the right product for you.
  • Xlear benefits • gently cleans, moisturizes and soothes the sinuses & nasal passages. • washes away pollutants, irritants & airborne contaminants. • patented hydrating formula with xylitol.


Purified water, xylitol, saline, grapefruit seed extract (as a preservative).

Product Attributes

Additional Information: Drug-free

Halal: yes

Kosher: yes

Non-GMO: yes

Non-Certified: Natural

Sugar and Sweetener: Xylitol

Product Certifications

Halal Certifier: Ifanca

Kosher Certifier: Orthodox Union Kosher

Kosher Type: Yes-parve


Usage Instructions: Directions: the metered nasal pump sprayer provides a precise amount of soothing spray in a fine mist. Clear the nasal passageway by gently blowing your nose before using xlear. Prior to initial use, remove clear cap, prime the pump by holding it upright and pumping one or more times until the solution is dispensed. Insert nozzle into nostril and depress pump completely while breathing in through your nose. Clean nozzle after use & replace safety cap. Spray 2-4 times in each nostril. Use at least twice daily — morning & night. Xlear is safe to use as often as needed for optimal health to cleanse sinuses and nasal passages.

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